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Immersive Theatre

Immersive Theatre has been a growing trend within the performance art community for some time. Unlike traditional theatre, an “immersive” performance gives the audience the illusion of participation by placing them directly on “stage”, in many cases allowing the audience to interact with the troop and explore the theatre, the building or in some cases the area of a city where the performance is taking place. Needless to say, this type of experience translates very well into the kind of Virtual Reality experiences inLoop would like to feature.  As always, by partnering with us, you are expanding your outreach exponentially.  From here you can promote your real world production or gather royalties directly from viewership within VR. 

Traditional Theatre

For traditional theatre, which includes musicals, Broadway, and Off-Broadway performances, inLoop VR can help transform your show into an immersive experience with little or no change to the script.  Simply by filming actors and arranging them around a virtual world, users will get the feeling of being on stage and part of the action, achieving the same effect as an immersive theatre performance. 


Film makers can benefit from partnership with inLoop VR in much the same way as theatre companies: by creating original content for VR either as a stand-alone production or to promote an existing film. VR is rapidly gaining traction and 3D interactive film is one area where film makers can capture market share early on. 

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