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inLoop VR is a leading provider of Virtual & Live entertainment experiences throughout the globe. Taking VR beyond children’s games and 360 videos, inLoop places the user inside a virtual world and augments the experience with real actors, real music, and real video.  Together with your friends, you are transported to another dimension.  Throw away your Teli - inLoop is the only social VR platform that lets you enjoy music, art, film, and theatre virtually - an unparalleled new form of entertainment for a changing world!

In addition to VR, inLoop maintains a database of real concerts, real parties and other events in over 50+ cities worldwide.  inLoop’s user base has a wide range of entertainment categories to choose from: EDM, Music/Art, Film/Theatre, Health/Fitness and Travel & Leisure. We let you know what’s happening anywhere and take you everywhere you what to go.  With Virtual Reality, we'll take you there without you ever having to leave your home!

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We would like to team up with artists, musicians, theatre companies and film makers (individuals or businesses), who wish to do something original and expand outreach beyond the traditional media channels.  By partnering with us, you are opening yourself up to new unique opportunities for self-expression and brand promotion.  Virtual Reality offers a way to present content like never before - via a fully immersive and interactive medium, and inLoop makes it simple and accessible to virtually anyone. 

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